frost-protected eye shower

  • Material: stainless steel, plastic
  • Color: green, black, orange
  • Projection: 265 mm
  • Installation height: 900 mm
  • Operating pressure: 1.5 to 5 bar
  • Flow rate: 14 litres / minute
  • Water inlet: ¾“ female
  • Material: stainless steel, brass
  • Surface: polished
  • Projection: 265 mm
  • Installation height: 900 mm
  • Operating pressure: 1.5 to 5 bar
  • Flow rate: 14 litres / minute
  • Water inlet: ¾“ female
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Colour: white
  • Mounting height: 910 mm
  • Operating pressure: 2.5 to 5 bar
  • Volumenstrom: 14-20 l/m
  • Water inlet: 3/8” male
  • Water outlet: 1 ½” male
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Surface: polished
  • Dimensions (H x W): 1025 x 350 mm
  • Operating pressure: 2.5 to 5 bar
  • Flow rate: 14 litres / minute
  • Water inlet: ¾“ male
  • Water outlet: 1 1/4-Zoll-AG

What is a frost-protected eye shower?

A frost-protected eye shower has been developed for use in frost-prone areas, such as outdoors and in cold stores.. These are mandatory first aid facilities for workplaces where employees may come into contact with hazardous substances, acids, alkalis, heat, flames and also extreme dirt. The restricted, even and, most important of all, soft water jet has been optimized for rinsing chemicals out of the eye.

What are the specifics of frost-protected eye showers?

The frost-protected eye showers are used in areas at risk of frost and are recommended wherever there is a risk of the installation freezing.. These showers are equipped with B-SAFETY high-performance spray heads, so that the water is distributed over a large area. This also takes care of the regions around the eyes and eyes can be positioned in the water jet without problems. The correct spray height and a standard-compliant spray pattern are achieved by the integrated flow regulator, regardless of the water pressure applied.

Frost-protected self-draining eye shower

Permanently installed eye showers are the best solution for many applications in laboratory, warehouse and industry for example the BR 880 085. These wall-mounted eye showers for recessed mounting are frost-proof in that the water connection and also the shut-off device are installed in a frost-protected room. The actuating device and the eye shower itself are in the frost-protected room and can be easily actuated in an emergency. The eye shower is constructed to be self-draining by means of a 3-way ball valve, which allows the eye shower to run empty after use.

Frostprotected heated eye-/face wash unit with bowl and lid

Frost-proof heated eye showers from B-SAFETY are equipped with a self-regulating trace heating cable and additional insulation. An integrated thermostat additionally secures the heating. Freezing of the shower BR 826 095 is not possible even in the most extreme conditions.

Frostprotected self-draining eye shower, with underfloor actuation

Freestanding self-draining eye showers are always well visible from all sides. The shower is frost-resistant due to the valve installed underground and the water pipe in the frost-protected area in the ground. The shower is actuated via a foot lever. Eye showers with catch basins collect the used water and drain it off, e.g. with the model BR 305 395.

How is calcification and contamination of the frost-protected eye showers prevented?

The large holes in the shower heads prevent standing water and thus calcification. Dust covers on the shower head protect against contamination and open automatically when the eye shower is actuated by the water pressure.

What standards apply to frost-protected eye showers?

Our frost-protected eye showerss comply with the standards EN 15154-2:2006 and ANSI Z358.1-2014. Further national standards may have to be observed. In addition, company standards may need to be considered when selecting an frost-protected eye shower.

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