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B-SAFETY - Your partner for eye showers and safety showers!

B-SAFETY is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of eye showers and safety showers! We focus on the production of eye showers, eye/face showers, body safety showers and safety shower combinations with the highest quality standards. Our eye showers and emergency showers provide the necessary safety for your business and provide reliable help in protecting your employees from serious injuries. B-SAFETY assures you that crucial safety standards are met.

Our products are not only used in laboratories and industry but also in many other sectors. Industry-specific solutions are part of our basic business. The high-quality eye showers and emergency showers from B-SAFETY ensure first aid in the event of accidental splashing or spillage of chemicals. B-SAFETY eye showers are also the right choice for first aid at the workplace in the event of burns or dirt particles entering the eye.

We have been your reliable partner when it comes to eye showers and emergency showers since 1985. B-SAFETY is known for high-quality products and strict compliance with European and international standards and regulations. We are skilled at understanding your individual requirements and working with you to find the right solution for your task.

Our mission is your demand!

A particular strength of B-SAFETY lies in the customised production of eye showers and safety showers. With custom designs our employees create special solutions for our customers that differ from the current standard. For us it is a matter of course to support you in the development of your construction. We accompany you in every phase – from the idea to the design, to the final assembly and annual maintenance of your showers.

As a manufacturer in the middle of Europe the interests of our customers are the highest priority. In a mid-size company with various business segments like ours you will find the perfect partner for your requirements and for your special requests. We carefully check the quality of our products and only work with reliable partners in order to offer you the best solution.

To the north of Hamburg – in Norderstedt – lies the company headquarters of B-SAFETY as well as a large part of the production and the main warehouse. We ensure fast and efficient deliveries in all directions from here.

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