wall mounted, recessed version

PremiumLine safety shower valve in stainless steel cabinet, with draining and thermostatic mixing valve

Article no.: BR 029 995

B-SAFETY body safety showers are available in a modular system. The emergency shower arms and emergency shower valves can be purchased individually and adapted to the conditions on site. In this way, almost all conceivable installation requirements can be realized.

For an installation in accordance with EN 15154-1:2006 it must be ensured, that the safety shower installation is self-draining between valve and shower head.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: stainless steel, plastic
  • Surface: polished
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 400 x 270 mm
  • Operating pressure: 1 to 5 bar
  • Flow rate: at least 60 l/min at 1 bar flow pressure
  • Water inlet: ¾“ female

Norms / Approvals

  • EN 15154-2:2006
  • EN 15154-5:2019
  • ANSI Z358.1-2014
  • GOST-R, Certificate-No. 0615463 0615463

Product description

The emergency shower valve in stainless steel housing is installed in the wall and offers an unobtrusive design. The stainless steel cover is removable for maintenance work. The robust ball valve has a drinking water approval and ensures a volume flow of at least 60 liters / minute at 1 bar flow pressure. It is operated by a stainless steel lever with a sturdy plastic handle. Installation at handle height is recommended for this safety shower valve. Drainage between the shower head and the valve can be ensured via the integrated drain valve.

The integrated thermostatic mixing valve ensures a supply of tempered water to the safety shower. In the event of a failure of the cold water supply, the hot water is automatically switched off by a safety cut-out. The thermostatic mixing valve has a setting range of 20-40°C and is preset to a water temperature of 22°C.

Technical Description

  • recessed stainless steel cabinet, cover for maintenance work removable, dimensions (H x W): 400 x 270 mm, installation dimensions (H x W x D): 350 x 220 x 60 mm
  • thermostatic mixing valve for body safety showers, dimensions (H x W x D): 117 x 70 x 40 mm, cold water inlet 1” male, hot water inlet 1” male, water outlet to safety shower ¾” female
  • adjustment range 20-40°C (preadjustment at 22°C)
  • automatic testing of the cold and hot water supply
  • hidden water temperature adjustment with scald protection at 43°C
  • safety switch-off of the hot water in case of failure of the cold water supply
  • ball valve ¾“ of stainless steel, with lever actuation, DIN-DVGW tested and certificated, water inlet ¾” female
  • flow rate at least 60 l/min at 1 bar flow pressure
  • opening angle 90°, not self-closing
  • lever made of stainless steel, polished, length 160 mm
  • robust handle of plastics, black, diameter 25 mm, length 90 mm
  • integrated drain valve with automatic or manual drain, mounted on the outside of the lid
  • mounting height for lever according to the standards listed below: 0 to 1750 mm height above floor
  • according to BGI/GUV-I 850-0, DIN 1988 and EN 1717
  • according to ANSI Z358.1-2014, EN 15154-1:2006 and EN 15154-5:2019

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