Safety Shower for industry and laboratory

Safety Showers

Find here safety showers for every application in industry and laboratory. Safety Shower.


Two showers in one - this is possible by the unique construction of these showers: hand-held eye showers can be used as a fixed eyewash in the holder; or can be removed from the bracket to help injured people lying on the ground as hand-held shower. Choose from a variety of models with one or two spray heads.



ClassicLine safety eye showers for use in the laboratory, PremiumLine safety eye showers made of stainless steel for industrial applications, permanently mounted safety eye showers with big PUSH lever, eye showers with stainless steel bowl and in stainless steel cabinet. Eye-/face wash units with bowl and lid against dirt for extreme use in the industry.



ClassicLine tank eyewash stations for a simple and inexpensive assembly close to the endangered workplace. Models for table / wall mounting applications. With a tank made ​​of stainless steel or chemically resistant plastic, tank capacity 3.8 to 60 liters for different flushing times. Tank capacity 60 litre for a flush time of about 15 minutes. For use in laboratory and industry.



ClassicLine body safety showers, above door installation, wall-/ceiling mounted, PremiumLine body safety showers made of stainless steel for use in the laboratory. Safety shower valves and body safety showers without valve separately. Variable body safety showers as special solutions adapted to the local conditions of each project. Safety shower combinations for use mainly in the laboratory.



ClassicLine freestanding body safety showers and safety shower combinations for use in the industry, PremiumLine freestanding body safety showers and safety shower combinations made of stainless steel. Self-draining industrial safety showers for hot environments. PremiumLine safety shower cubicles and safety shower stations, frost-protected heated eye showers and body safety showers for harsh industrial applications complete stainless steel.



Options for body safety showers and eyewashes as flow regulators for a constant water supply of safety showers, CleanLine filter systems for 100% sterile water for the supply of safety showers and eyewashes. PremiumLine protection valves as scald protection valve and freeze protection valve. ComfortLine thermostatic mixing valves for the hot water supply of safety showers. Alarm systems of B-SAFETY for information in a first aid emergency.



ClassicLine tank safety showers with frame made of galvanized steel, PremiumLine tank safety showers complete of stainless steel. PremiumLine tank safety showers with heated and isolated cabin for use in extreme cold and inhospitable areas. PremiumLine mobile tank safety showers for mobile use. Very versatile options for tank safety showers, as flash light, position lights, area illumination, refrigeration unit etc.



PremiumLine decontamination shower cubicle made of stainless steel for stationary use, also usable for semi-mobile applications. Decontamination showers assure effective preliminary cleaning of personal safety equipment before the user takes it off. Variable options are available to customize the decontamination showers to the local circumstances on-site.