Business Areas

Three business areas – three strengths! B-SAFETY is an internationally successful company that continuously develops innovative, novel products and complete solutions that are unique as a result of technical knowledge and technological leadership. Our internal product development and the creativity of our employees have made us a leading supplier worldwide in some business areas. We mainly operate in these product groups:

B-SAFETY eyewash equipment and emergency showers have been used successfully in laboratories and in industry as first-aid equipment for years in order to provide safe work processes in businesses. Many large companies and public enterprises rely on solutions from B-SAFETY for their safety.

B-SAFETY was one of the first suppliers in the market to offer emergency lighting with LED technology. Today, LED technology as the light source for emergency lighting, safety lighting and emergency sign lighting is the state of the art. The emergency lighting from B-SAFETY is also widely used in all areas of public life.

Work-safety products from B-SAFETY are also more and more widely used and contribute to safety in many businesses. In our work-safety range, we offer a combination of high-quality products from premium manufacturers, as well as our good, reasonably priced B-SAFETY standard products. For example, in our range you will find PPE products, products for first aid in the company, safety labels, eyewashes and a large range of skin-protection products.