Eye Shower for industry and laboratory

Eye Shower

Find here eye showers for every application in industry and laboratory. Eye Shower.


Eye showers are required in all chemical laboratories.
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Descriptions for tender

Descriptions for tender B-SAFETY eye showers

Hand-held eye showers


ClassicLine hand-held eye showers with one or two high-performance spray heads. Numerous mounting- and hose variations are possible.


PremiumLine hand-held eye showers


PremiumLine hand-held eye showers of stainless steel. Numerous mounting- and hose variations are possible.


Options for hand-held eye showers


Maintenance ball valve, wall-/table bracket, hose, spray head, connection tap, emergency signs for hand-held eye showers


Eye showers


ClassicLine eye showers with two high-performance spray heads, with bowl, wall mounted or freestanding versions.


Eye-/Face wash units with bowl


PremiumLine Eye-/Face wash units with bowl and lid, wall mounted, freestanding eye showers.


Tempered eye showers


The ComfortLine eye showers are provided with tepid water over the thermostatic mixing valves connected upstream of the eye showers.